A Bible Explorers Update…

Bible Explorers, our Wednesday night children’s program, is having an amazing year!  Not only do we have many wonderful kids, but we’ve also been blessed with an incredible team of volunteers who are dedicated to teaching the children more about God’s Word.

So far this quarter, the children have learned:

  • God’s Word is Our Foundation
  • How to Study the Bible
  • God’s Word Guides Us
  • God Preserves His Word
  • God’s Word is Complete

Miss Manners (for our 5th & 6th Grade Girls) have been learning:

  • Why Manners are Important
  • How to be Friendly
  • How to be a Good Hostess and Guest
  • How to Give and Receive Gifts
  • How to Properly Converse – The Importance of Choosing our Words Wisely!

In addition to the above, our children also enjoy the time of Worship at the beginning and at the end of Club.

To impress upon the children the importance of community service, we have challenged everyone to take part in a service project this month.  We collected food items to help stock our “Compassion Ministry” for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. Thank you to all the families that brought items.  Your generosity has blessed a family in need.

Bible Explorers is not full, so if you have a child 3 years through Sixth Grade, we invite them to join us. It is $35.00 for the first child and $25.00 for each additional.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones.